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Project Description
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One of the major challenges that many products face is around versioning of databases between development and production. DbDeploy was developed to meet this need (see

In 2007, DbDeploy.Net was ported from the DbDeploy version 2.0. (see The project appears to have seen little changes since then.

Recently, we wanted to use DbDeploy against Microsoft's Sql Azure platform and discovered that it simply doesn't work.

We investigated what it'd take to update DbDeploy.Net to a version that would support it and because of the code base, we decided that rewriting would be a better strategy.

This version is a complete rewrite from the ground up. While many of the concepts and ideas are similar, we've added the following:
  1. Full Unit Testing with NUnit
  2. Support for Azure (and easy maintenance of the Sql used in the application
  3. Similar functionality to version 3.0 of DbDeploy (elimination of ChangeSets, simplification of the changelog table)
  4. Stylecop Compliance with the default StyleCop rules
  5. Dependency injection and service architecture
  6. Better MS Build integration and easier command line integration
  7. Sandcastle Help Documentation

We plan on keeping this project active and making changes as needed based on suggestions made by you. Some things that we plan on adding in the near future:
  1. Support for database servers other than MsSql

Currently, this version is compatible with scripts made for other version of DbDeploy, but only Microsoft Sql Server is supported at this time! If you'd like to help us out with other DBMS', please drop us a line.

We appreciate your feedback.

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